More complications arose from the sexual assault case involving Korean actor Park Si Hoo after a chain of text exchanges between alleged rape victim "A" and her friend "B" came to light. The discrepancy between her statement and the text messages incited widespread discussion and the police commented that they do not rule out the possibility of foul play.
park si hoo rape victim
The messages, which were dated one day after "A" reported the case, revealed that "B" had instigated the accuser to blackmail Park for KRW $10 billion as 'hush money', ordering her to act like a victim and to ruin the actor's reputation.

In addition, "B" claimed that she "simply consoled her" when "A" cried to her about the alleged rape incident.

Park answered police summons on March 1 and went through 10 hours of questioning at the station. While speaking to the media after that, the 34-year-old said that he had told the truth to the police and made a public apology for the saga, expressing his wish to be proven innocent soon.

(Source: Xinmsn)


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