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Amid the growing interest in musicals based on hit movies, several musical versions of movies and TV dramas will be staged this year. Smash-hit Korean movies including "Singles," "Love, So Divine," "My Love My Bride" and "Old Miss Diary" will revisit audiences on stages in the coming months.

The musical "Innocent Steps" or "&45828;&49436;&51032; &49692;&51221;" began its three-month run yesterday at the Baekam Art Hall in Samsung-dong, southern Seoul.

It has received much media attention because it features Korean actress Eugene, a former member of popular girl group S.E.S and now a TV actress.

Eugene debuted in 1997 as a member of S.E.S, and has more recently become a successful TV actress. She has also tried film acting, with a leading role in upcoming film "Unstoppable Marriage," which is scheduled to be released in April.

"I always wanted to do musicals. But I was hesitant because I wasn't sure I had what it took. Now I will do my best with this musical," said Eugene during a news conference held at the Baekam Art Hall in Samsung-dong on Wednesday. "I am still clumsy at acting on the stage because it is my first theatrical experience. But I am enjoying myself more than I expected," she said.

In "Innocent Steps," Eugene plays Chae-rin, a Korean-Chinese girl who comes to Seoul on a residence visa issued through a fake marriage. As part of the deal, Chae-rin is forced to learn dancing for a national competition under the guidance of her husband Young-se, a frustrated professional dancer.

The musical, like the film, portrays the life of the pure Chae-rin, who falls in love with Young-se while learning to dance. The film version featured popular teen star Moon Geun-young (&47928;&44540;&50689;) and actor Park Gun-hyung (&48149;&44148;&54749;). It was fairly successful, with over 2.2 million viewers in 2005, when the film was released.

Korean actress Kim Eugene

Source: The Korea Herald


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