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In a surprise move, Asian film legend Jackie Chan has announced that he has started a line of cosmetics. But that's not the surprise, one photo of the new line posted on Chan's official website (Jackie conspicuously absense) showed that all the cosmetics are handmade in Hungary, and not in China!

All of Chan's other business ventures like his chain of fitness centers, clothing, restaurants, cookie brand and coffee shops are almost exclusively available in Asia, so that it comes as a surprise that the Kungfu master would decide to go all the way to Eastern Europe to manufacture cosmetics. has more:

The Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line was introduced at Cosmoprof Asia, the largest and most prestigious international beauty trade event in Asia. Jackie and his business partner Maggie Chu joined forces to produce a line of skin care products which are completely organic.

In keeping with Jackie's history of preserving and protecting the environment, the products are composed of natural ingredients which are non-polluting and all packaging is made using recycled materials. Several Hong Kong celebrities made an appearance at the opening, including Asuka Higuchi (Rob-B-Hood, Nothing is Impossible) and Hiro Hayama (Rob-B-Hood, Nothing is Impossible, The Myth).




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