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For the past six years, she was always known as the model girlfriend of American-Chinese hunk Daniel Wu.

But Lisa S hopes things will change now that she'll get more TV exposure as the latest VJ on Channel (V).

'It's good that I finally get to use my brain,' she joked over the phone from Hong Kong, where she is based.

'It's a great feeling to feel wanted, to stimulate my brain and expend all my energy so when I go home, I don't drive my boyfriend crazy.'

Daniel, 34, and Lisa are known to live together. Both grew up in the US and share the same views.

Daniel was born in California and moved to Hong Kong in 1997 to be a model.

New York

Lisa was born in Monaco to a French-Chinese father and Jewish American mother, but grew up in New York where she was talent-scouted to be a model at age 14.

Her surname is Selesner, but she shortened it to S after moving to Hong Kong in 2000 because 'no one could pronounce it'.

There, she established herself as a top model who lends her exotic looks to couture catwalks and advertising campaigns for notable brands like Citibank, DeBeers diamonds and Olay skincare.

But she still gets overshadowed by Daniel, who has been a household face in Hong Kong since shooting to fame in Gen-X Cop in 1999.

When they go out, she said '99.9 per cent of people' would stare at him and not her.

While she's happy to 'hide behind him' in the streets, Lisa was not shy to talk freely about Daniel when asked by The New Paper.

She described her six-year-long beau as a 'good person' who motivates her and makes her laugh.

'I'm a lazy girl. He kicks my bum totally. Only when he's in town, I'd exercise. Otherwise, I'm a coach potato.'

He's also a supportive beau, she added.

When she was offered the VJ job, she 'ran it past him' and he encouraged her to 'go for it'.

He even sat down with her to watch her TV debut. She hosts Video at 5pm on Mondays on Channel (StarHub Ch 85), and also guest-hosts other programmes like The (V) Countdown.

'He was really watching me, and the first thing he said was, 'Well, it's kinda weird. The show's great, but it's weird to see you in host mode'.'

The straight-talking Lisa was also not afraid to admit that having a famous boyfriend raised her profile and helped her modelling career.

But she does not want to 'ride on his coat-tails forever'.

Instead, she hopes to establish herself as 'Lisa S the VJ' over the next five to 10 years.

The self-professed talkative babe dreams of interviewing Hollywood stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Don Cheadle one day.

Giggling, she confessed she has a crush on Gyllenhaal, and she thinks she would have an 'awesome conversation' with Cheadle.


Raising her media exposure may attract more paparazzi, but Lisa said she has maintained a good relationship with tabloid shutterbugs because 'they help me as much as I help them'.

She felt that celebrities have 'no right' to complain about the paparazzi, and that the published photos of her can help reach out to potential modelling clients.

But she draws a line at having her privacy at home invaded.

She cited the example of how a paparazzo once camped outside Daniel's apartment and took videos of them through their open window.

'As soon as I step outside my front door, you're welcome to take (photos of) me. But my home is sacred,' she said.

Another 'no' for Lisa her age, which she claimed she has kept a secret since she started modelling, to avoid being pigeonholed.

'I'm 16, honey,' she cooed.

'My age is the biggest mystery in Hong Kong. You think I'd give it away'

But she was quite candid when it came to latest rumours of Daniel dating Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin.

Lisa insisted that Daniel and Kelly are just friends, and the three of them had a good laugh over the rumours.

In time, Lisa hopes that she and Daniel can become like Hollywood couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who are rarely referred to as each other's spouse.

'I'd like it to be 'Lisa S, VJ, Daniel Wu, actor. They're a couple'.'

Asian-American Model Close Up: Lisa S

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Name: Lisa S
Birth name: Lisa Selesner
Profession: Model
Birthplace: Monaco


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