nicholas tse stay over cecilia cheung home
Just under a year after they split, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are showing signs of a possible reconciliation.
nicholas tse stay over cecilia cheung
[p-27472][p-27473][p-27474][p-27475][p-27476][p-27477][p-27478][p-27479]The Viral Factor actor confirmed to the press last week that Cecilia and their two sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse, had moved into an apartment across the street from his place, and that he had spent the night there before.

"Lucas was sick, so I spent the night there to take care of him," said Nicholas.

The 31-year-old also confirmed that he helps pay the rent for Cecilia's apartment.

Although Cecilia bought a unit valued at over a hundred million Hong Kong dollars at Century Tower last year, the family did not move in there.

Instead, she moved into this particular apartment, allowing Nicholas to visit the kids easily. It is also rumoured that Cecilia hoped to move back in with her husband.

When asked if he knew about Cecilia's plan for the apartment at Century Tower, Nicolas replied, "They have their own plans. She will tell you herself."

Meanwhile, Cecilia's ex-mother-in-law Deborah Li softened her attitude towards the actress, a result of being able to visit her grandchildren more frequently. The pair was reportedly on bad terms with each other.

When was asked if Nicholas and Cecilia were reconciling, Deborah smiled and said that she would not interfere with her children's love life.

(Source: Xinmsn)
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