With one year left to fulfill his intentions of getting married at 35 years old, Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou who turns 34 this month, now regrets his previous announcement. At an autograph session for his new album Opus 12, he mentioned that he will work hard towards this goal, saying, "Some of my good friends have set up their own families. It's time for me to 'grow' too."
jay chou marry
He added that besides keeping his 'promise', the other reason why he hopes to settle down soon is to narrow down the age gap between him and his kids.

"Otherwise, how is the child going to understand my songs" he laughed.

When asked on birthday celebrations this year, Jay expressed his wish to take a break from his recent busy work schedules to spend a day with his beloved mum.

With a growing interest in culinary, the singer picked up some cooking tips from the chef at his own restaurant and came up with some creative cuisine such as "salted egg chicken chop". The filial son hopes to whip up a few dishes on his birthday to thank this mum for raising him singlehandedly over the years.

And though Jay aims to get married within the next year, he plans to continue singing until he turns 70.

(Source: Xinmsn)
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