Taiwanese artiste Wang Lee Hom and Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi recently attended an event in Beijing together. The multi-talented singer reportedly tried to hug Ziyi twice but the actress avoided his embrace on both tries, resulting in an awkward situation.
zhang ziyi avoid lee hom hug
zhang ziyi avoid lee hom
Lee Hom's manager responded to reports on this and clarified that the two celebrities do hug each other when they meet but because Ziyi was wearing a bare-back dress that day, she was too shy to return the hug.

After pictures of the incident were published, anti-fans applauded Ziyi for rejecting Lee Hom's affections and criticised him for being "desperate" to prove his sexual orientation following the rumours on his relationship with reknowned Chinese pianist Li Yundi.

Lee Hom's anti-fans, mostly made up of gay fans, were offended by his recent declaration that he is a "heterosexual". Some have even attempted to 'spoil his image' by circulating clips of the singer saying "Let's have oral sex" on a television program.

(Source: Xinmsn)


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